What To Expect


What, When and Where

EIAA FALL Auction October 5, 2019

Viewing at 9 am

Bidding starts at 10 am 

Seller registration is available in advance.

email: Babs@rocketpets.org with list/pictures.

Hiawatha Community Center 

101 Emmons Street

Hiawatha, Iowa


New People Menu: Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hotdogs, Walking Tacos.   

Payment Options

We accept cash, checks and credit cards and paypal. A 3% fee will be added to all credit card transactions.

Helpful Information

  It is HIGHLY recommended that you bring a Styrofoam cooler or fish box for your fish purchases. 


Sellers are advised to arrive 1 hour before the auction begins to make sure their items are properly labeled. 


Sellers are advised to know: a) how many items they brought to sell (this info is needed at registration so we can print your labels)

Buyers are advised to keep track (a list) of their purchases to expedite checkout process

A Variety of tropical fish, aquatic plants, tank and supplies will be up for bid at the EIAA Auction held twice each year.

Next auction is on OCTOBER 5, 2019.              

NEW Auction Rule effective March 16, 2019 :  LIMIT 10  (TEN) DRY GOOD ITEMS PER HOUSEHOLD OF SELLERS.  Several small items may be bundled together in a box and sold as one item.  

Items Known to be Coming to the Auction:

See Below  in   Whats Coming. 

Whats coming


Some of the wonderful things coming to the EIAA Auction (that we know of so far) updated 9-27-19. 7:00 PM

We are expecting 400-600 items at this auction, only a fraction of items are listed here.  

Japan Blue guppies, supercross guppies, driftwood, Amica splendens, Red Cherry shrimp, variety pack guppies, bristlenose plecos - some spotted - some longfinned, 

Misc. aquatic plants. Aquatic plants grown on cholla wood,

One - 55 gallon aquarium set-up with large stand and full hood with lights and regular pumps that hang on the back. 

Two - 20 gallon aquariums on a 55 gallon stand also with hood and lights and hang on the back pumps.

A breeding pair of angels, three misc. angels.

Boxes of bundled up fish stuff.

Aquarium with wrought iron stand, Blue Wag Platys, Sunset Platys, 

Hornwort plants. 

Several 10 gallon aquariums, Aquarium lights bundled together, 2 boxes of hang-on power filters of various sizes. Marineland canister filter, 

Aquarium decor, Box of undergravel filtration in various sizes. 

Aquarium lights 

Boxes of Various filters


African cichlids:  one 4"+  male OB Peacock,  one  4"+  OB red zebra mauna,   

two  4"+  female OB Peacocks,   unsexed OB juveniles and OB fry.  

Tangerine tiger shrimp, Crystal Red shrimp, Celestial Danios.

RO Unit,   pundmilia nyererei,  red tailed goodeid,  

 Sterbai corys,

four spot merry widows and dwarf red laser rainbows.