IAA has an interesting history with ties to the roots of AGA, Aquatic Gardener's Association. Who knew?  

       The history of EIAA begins in September 1982 at the community center in the Bali Hai Estates trailer park in Hiawatha Iowa.   Present were Bruce Mostrom, Dick Van Hyfte, Lee Van Hyfte (about 9 yr. old), Greg Goodnow, Steve Rutan, Phyllis Wetherbee, Irne VandeLune and Dick Green. This was the formation team.  Bruce Mostrom is credited with being the founding father of EIAA.  By 1984 the organization us up and having regular meetings in a basement community room at People's Bank on First Avenue and 35th street NE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they met for year, the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.  

       Because of his affiliation with FAAS and a previous background in aquarium club structures from Blackhawk Aquarium Society, Dick Van Hyfte drafted the first EIAA Constitution, Bylaws and BAP (breeder's Award Program).  As a response to a lack of information about aquatic plants, Dick also drafted the EIAA's Horticultural Award Program (HAP)  which he sent to FAAS as an example program.   The American Aquatic Gardeners Association (AAGA) was formed by the committee of Mark Carder, Dennis Sindelar and Dick Van Hyftee, also in an attempt to fill the gap in plant information in the aquarium hobby.   Years later the AAGA would morph into the AGA which is recognized internationally today as THE society devoted to the promotion of live plants in the aquarium hobby.